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The simplest form of ventilation is window ventilation. Wer für Ihre Fragen und Anträge zuständig ist, richtet sich bei der Beratung zu BAföG und AFBG nach den Anfangsbuchstaben Ihres Nachnamens. Employees who return to Germany from a risk country must inform the Personnel and Organisation Department (personalfragen[at]uni-kassel[dot]de) about this without being requested to do so. In the case of any examinations that are repeated according to these provisions in future, you will not have any right to insist that your chosen examination format is retained. Please also observe the rules for service instructions (No. The use of so-called CO2 traffic lights can provide a rough indication for sensitising users to ensure a sufficient change of air and is by no means a measure of the risk of infection. Hier sind alle Daten zur Vollversammlung und der Wahl des autonomen Elternreferates. The obligation to wear a face mask also applies during units of instruction (for students and teaching staff), public passageways, when entering and leaving the classroom and when moving between spaces. This applies to all areas and activities at the university, in buildings, outside and in vehicles. Presenting a sick note is only required from the 4th calendar day onwards. For this reason, air treatment systems should not be switched off, but on the contrary, the supply of fresh air via the air treatment system should be increased and recirculation operations should be avoided or reduced as far as possible. The same applies to the care of a close relative in need of care if the day care facility closes due to infection prevention measures or admission is not possible. Ihren zentralen Campus hat die Universität Kassel am Holländischen Platz am Rande der Kasseler Innenstadt. The parking lots at the North Campus Holländischer Platz and at the Wilhelmshöher Allee location will be available from December 16, 2020 until further notice - the bollards/barriers are open. Excursions will still not be approved until 15.01.2021. 10:00 - 15:30 Uhr Fr. Particular emphasis is placed on regular and thorough hand washing with soap and water for 20 seconds before and after the course. If an infection is confirmed by a positive test result, the doctor reports the result to the public health department. It is possible that your lecturer has set a, You can change, complete or correct your answers at any time during the exam. Please use the appropriate forms for this purpose: For excursions, the usual approval procedure must still be followed (see [internal]). The units of instruction end on 19 February 2021. Windows should be fully opened to provide a rapid change of air. Contact data must be registered for teaching and examination units and when using student workplaces in areas used for student operations from the start of the 2020/21 winter semester onwards. The affected employees must inform the departments immediately if quarantine has been ordered. finden Sie auf den Webseiten des Zentrums für … Telefonische oder videogestützte Beratung mit Terminvereinbarung per E-Mail an beratung((at)) … On the contrary coma a medical practitioner needs to make a personal risk assessment. In general, the infectiousness of coronaviruses on inanimate, dry surfaces decreases rapidly at room temperature or higher temperatures. To reduce the risk of infection, children may still not to be brought into the offices. This rule does not apply to questions of university statistics and university funding. We are a leading university providing quality teaching in a wide variety of courses that meet the needs of society and are adapted to the new models of the Europe of Knowledge. Juni) im Beisein der Staatssekretäre Dr. Bernadette Weyland und Ingmar Jung das neue Campus Center offiziell eingeweiht worden. Here you will find further information about working from home, such as how to manage situations from a distance or conduct virtual meetings and conferences: Mobile Work. All University Library locations will be open again on a limited basis beginning Monday, January 11, 2021. Standort Holländischer Platz - Zentralmensa aktueller Speiseplan . Ihr könnt auch per Mail an einen Termin für ein Gespräch ausmachen. We appeal to instructors to increasingly offer digital alternatives for performance assessments instead of face-to-face examinations. Within these 14 days, please reduce your social contacts with people who belong to risk groups (the elderly, immunodeficient and chronically ill people) as much as possible. The Germany Scholarship provides 300 euros per month for each scholarship holder, so about 10 euros a day. Media are freely accessible and may be checked out, returned, and copied. If the candidate fails, he/she must confirm orally that the evaluation has been explained to him/her. (Fax Abteilung Studentisches Wohnen: 0561 - 8 04-75 52), Wohnheimtutorinnen und  -tutoren Kontaktdaten und Informationen, (Fax Abteilung Hochschulgastronomie: 0561 - 8 04-26 55). You must wear a face mask on the public passageways in the buildings at the University of Kassel, The lockers are not available. A ventilation period of 3 to 10 minutes is recommended. persons staying in the same room e.g. Todestag Lübcke (Stand: 6/2020), State­ment des Prä­si­di­ums nach der Kund­ge­bung "Zu­sam­men sind wir stark" (Stand: 7/2019), Stellungnahme zu umstrittenen Äußerungen eines Hochschulmitglieds (Stand: 7/2017), Stellungnahme des Senats "Öffentlicher Diskurs Frauen- und Geschlechterforschung" (Stand 12/2015), Öffentlicher Diskurs Frauen- und Geschlechterforschung (Stand: 12/2015), Bildmaterial für Journalistinnen und Journalisten. This was announced by the federal and state governments in their resolution of January 5, 2021. Please submit your documents via our letter box outside (Campus Center entrance - opposite the Mensa/Canteen) or via mail (Mönchebergstr. Employees who are in quarantine as contact person according to 5.14 and who are able to complete their tasks in mobile work in coordination with their supervisor, record the working time after returning to the workplace using a correction workflow (see above). Keep a list of participants with names and contact details (telephone, e-mail) for possible inquiries and keep it safe, In principle, any approved recovery holiday due to the corona pandemic and holiday trips that are possibly lost as a result vacation trips can. Any examinations, which were not passed on account of fraud or infringements, will not be covered by this rule. If you click on ". New rules for the period 2 – 20. In the event of sickness, all employees must report sick on the first day of illness, as in the past. Participation in gathering contact data is mandatory and a prerequisite for participation in attended units of instruction and when using other facilities. Please find enclosed studies and statements by the Commission for Indoor Air Hygiene at the Federal Environment Agency, the Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (BAuA), the Indoor Climate Section of the German Statutory Accident Insurance Organisation (DGUV) as well as the SARS-CoV-2 Occupational Safety and Health Regulation of the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs and we summarise the main findings on free ventilation, ventilation systems in rooms and mobile air circulation units. Supervisors are therefore urged to enable mobile working as far as possible. Ausgehend vom gesellschaftlichen Grundkonsens der Chancengleichheit im Bildungssystem gewährleisten wir so die soziale Infrastruktur im Rahmen der Hochschulausbildung. The SARS-CoV-2 occupational safety rule from the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs recommends ventilation after 60 minutes for offices and after 20 minutes for meeting rooms. Sehr geehrte Mitglieder und Angehörige der JLU, This is determined by the examiner or the chairman of the examining board. According to the latest findings, there is no risk of infection from shared files and papers if the contamination occurred more than 24 hours ago. Documents for downloading (only accessible from the university network). If this is not possible, please inform the Personnel and Organization Department and send an e-mail to If a confirmed corona infection occurs and the person was present at the workplace during the period of two days before the first symptoms appeared, the workplace should not be used for at least 36 hours and then contact surfaces should be cleaned with standard household cleaning agents. Below you will find information for planning and implementing the special hygiene and distance regulations in teaching sessions during the 2020/21 winter semester as well as documents for processing. Travel time between the office and the mobile workplace is not working time. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Das Gasthörerstudium wird zum Sommersemester 2020 in das Kontaktstudium - Offenes Bildungsprogramm der Universität Hamburg integriert. It is possible to maintain service operations. Wash your hands regularly, observe the coughing and sneezing etiquette and consistently wear a face mask where it is not possible to keep your distance. The tasks must be suitable for completion at home. 10-12 Uhr, und nach Vereinbarung, Telefon ++49 5542 98-1260Fax ++49 5542 98-14 00E-Mailwitzenhausen((at)) If examiners or students belong to a risk group or cannot be present due to supervision tasks or for other important reasons, it is possible (if approved by the responsible examination board) to conduct the oral examination as a video conference. The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) has updated its information on risk groups that could suffer from the coronavirus seriously. The University of Kassel has reserved a quota of childcare hours for its employees in the flexible childcare program studykidscare from the Studierendenwerk. Lecture halls and seminar rooms of the University of Kassel, which are equipped with a ventilation system, are currently being operated with a very high outside air volume flow and this will continue during the winter semester. Employees, students and guests are requested to immediately report a confirmed corona infection or an order to quarantine at home to the Human Resources or Studies Department, if you were present and had personal contact at the university within a period of two days before the first symptoms appeared. Auf dem ehemaligen Gelände der Firma Henschel sind die Fachbereiche Humanwissenschaften, Geistes- und Kulturwissenschaften, Gesellschaftswissenschaften, Architektur, Stadtplanung, Landschaftsplanung, Wirtschaftswissenschaften, Bauingenieur- und … Treatment of air pollutants with ozone or UV light is rejected by the IRK for both health and safety reasons.”. Persons with suspected Covid-19 or a confirmed positive corona test must stay away from the university/workplace. Please inform students of your own courses by mail, on your websites or in Moodle as soon as possible and be available for questions. Getting to know the e-examination environment. - Do. Etage Montag - Donnerstag: 10:00 - 15:00 Uhr Freitag: 10:00 - 12:00 Uhr Bis auf Weiteres ist das Campus-Center für den persönlichen Kundenverkehr geschlossen. Damit stehen folgende Informations- und Beratungsangebote im Campus-Center nicht zur Verfügung:. The extended obligation to wear mouth-nose coverings remains in place. All employees are to work on a mobile basis whenever possible. FAQ zu Corona. The supervisors/authorizing agencies must make the highest demands on the characteristic of compelling necessity or unavoidable necessity. Dezember 2020 - For English version please see below Update vom 11. und 16. The digital services ensure that all students can continue their studies, even if they cannot or may not enter the university - either individually or as a group. The city of Kassel hosts the documenta exhibition every five years since 1955 and is an exhibition of contemporary art. Go to the following page: You should only look into the examination system after you have been requested to do so. Please note! Do not leave the e-assessment centre until you are individually prompted to do so. Remain seated even after having uploaded your exam. No trips to countries outside the Federal Republic of Germany are expected to be made if the Federal Government has not only issued a travel warning, but also classified the destination as a risk area and it is not urgently necessary. 29.01.21 10 Uhr Online VV29.01.21 Wahlurne im Büro (15-18 Uhr)30.01.21 Wahlurne im Büro (15-18 Uhr)30.01.21 18.30 […] During this period, classroom teaching will be reduced to an absolute minimum. 2 were here. The explanation of the examination evaluation to the examinee will be given orally during the video conference. in double lessons too or, if there is only a short break (5minutes) is provided between teaching units, during the lessons too. Dial-in details can be obtained from Ms. Honig (email: Senate meetings are conducted via video conference and are open to the university public. If all of the above possibilities are exhausted or are not possible after consultation with superiors, paid leave of absence from work can be considered. The regulations for research assistants are not affected by this and continue to apply. For more information, visit. The planning and implementation takes place in the departments and subjects. You can now start the exam. Discussions within the framework of company integration management should be primarily held online in November 2020; if it is essential for all those involved to meet, compliance with the hygiene standards specified in the service instructions must be ensured. 1.2) and the house rules (No. It is generally not possible to order overtime or additional work during telework / work at home; exceptions to this rule are only possible in individual cases of pandemic-related workloads. Put your certificate of enrolment or your student ID and your photo ID on your desk. They are areas in buildings that allow access to rooms or buildings, such as corridors, entrance areas, stairs and lifts. The use of face shields without a mask in the buildings of the University of Kassel is only permitted in exceptional cases, if a valid certificate has been provided by a family doctor, a lung specialist or a recommendation exists from the company medical service. Students: For students who do not have a smartphone or who have forgotten it, it is also possible to register on a paper form. December 2020: Employees should be allowed to work at home during December 2020. The campus library at Holländischer Platz will be open Monday through Friday, 10 a.m. - 6 p.m. Depending on the structure of the exam and the type of tasks used, this can take between a few days and a few weeks. 60-75 m³ and a number of pupils of usually 20-30 children per class. On hygiene & personal protection: the Federal Centre for Health Education (BZgA) offers information sheets in German and English for downloading and printing on the important hygiene measures. Campus Center (CC) Das neue Campus Center bietet sechs Hörsäle, dazu Seminarräume und viel Raum für Beratungseinrichtungen: An der Universität Kassel ist am (heutigen) Montag (1. Only a, Then go to the examination room. Here, intensive ventilation is to be provided in every (!) Deviations are only permissible in special individual cases. You will then receive a short introduction to the use of the e-examination system by the staff from the Teaching Service Centre. For this reason, do not bring any luggage. It will only take place where digital teaching is impossible, where it is dependent on special teaching rooms (laboratory, workshop, studio) or where there are other - narrowly defined - necessities, such as in the area of musical or sports practice. The Maintenance Cleaning Service Department can be requested to clean contact surfaces after corona infections (contact via: reinigung[at]uni-kassel[dot]de). If all of the above possibilities are exhausted or are not possible after consultation with superiors, please send an e-mail to personalfragen[at]uni-kassel[dot]de so that your individual case can be examined. Zum Start wurden Bewohnerinnen und Bewohner sowie Personal in zwei Altenpflegeheimen geimpft. In addition, the regulation agreement on Mobile Work shall continue to apply accordingly, initially until March 31, 2021. Stand 18. the shared childcare facility or school is partially or completely closed or in restricted regular operation, the children have not yet reached the age of 12 or are dependent on help due to physical, mental or psychological handicaps, plus hours on the flexitime account as well as overtime and overtime hours and annual holiday have been used. Further training will primarily take place digitally. Children between the ages of 6 months and 12 years can be looked after there. This also applies at home or in offices.”. For contact persons in category 1 (fairly high risk of infection): cumulative face contact of at least 15 minutes ("face-to-face" = "close contact" ≙ < 1.5 m), e.g. The public health department will then contact the person concerned and, if necessary, the university to determine further contact persons. The use of these devices can therefore not replace ventilation measures and should be a supporting measure (...) if necessary (...). If personal attendance is necessary, the premises should be selected in such a way that a minimum distance of 1.5 metres can be followed. In view of the development of the last few days in Germany, business trips within Germany should also be avoided and a high standard should be set for the imperative necessity. Alle Informationen zum Kontaktstudium sowie Kontaktdaten für Fragen in Bezug auf Anmeldung, Veranstaltungsangebot etc. You will not be put at a disadvantage by any queues that may form. On days when people partly work at the University of Kassel and partly at home, the employees enter their arrival and departure times on the time recording device for the attendance time at the University of Kassel. There are forms for this purpose in all lecture halls and seminar rooms. The following rules apply to all university-owned and rented buildings, parts of buildings and the entire grounds of the University of Kassel. The basic rule is also that students are not obliged to use all attended services and teachers are not obliged to offer attended services in addition to their digital services. Children between the ages of 6 months and 12 years can be looked after there. - Do. In order to avoid delays when attending your first unit of instruction, it is possible to store your contact data on your device in advance for use with Kartenvalidierung: Das Campus Center (8 – 17 Uhr), der Haupteingang Heinrich-Plett-Straße (8 - 15:30 Uhr), der Haupteingang Wilhelmshöher Alle (8 - 15:30 Uhr) und der Zugang zum Validierungsgerät in der Standortbibliothek Witzenhausen Nordbahnhofstraße (8 - 15:30 Uhr) bleiben offen, damit die Kartenvalidierung dort erfolgen kann. In the light of the fact that the summer semester in 2020 has not been taken into consideration in terms of the maximum period for BAFöG support (student loans), the State of Hesse has issued a ruling that “differs from the normal period of study laid down in the examination regulations according to Section 19 of the Hesse Higher Education Act […] and sets an individual normal study period that has been increased by one semester for students who have been enrolled for university courses during the summer semester of 2020 or are pursuing a course that is concluded by a state or church examination.” (Order to Handle the Effects of the SARSCoV2 Pandemic in the Higher Education Sector, dated 1 July 2020 and published in the Law and Ordinance Gazette on 14 July 2020, p. 499). Täglich berichtet das Tageblatt über aktuelle Ereignisse und Menschen, die die …

Boccia Bahn Tübingen, Kinderflohmarkt Köln Jugendpark 2020, Wuppertal Deutschkurs Intensiv, Die Babystation Rtl2 Ganze Folge 2019 Kaiserschnitt, Kiosk Uni Frankfurt, Bambus Schneidebrett Riecht,

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